“We tread lightly, using beautiful vintage and organic materials hand-crafted into stunning gowns for eco-goddesses”

~ Janay A

LOVE of the Natural World Adorns High Vibe Brides

Namaste Bride Organic Cotton Kansas City Sarah

Locally Made

Our seamstresses are awesome! We work with many local women… these ladies are super talented!

I am a tree sister, supporting planting of trees
We support Tree Sisters, an organization of woman planting trees to restore the earth

Our Eco Fabrics

We stock the best sustainable materials, like a luxurious Silk Hemp blend and Organic Cotton (a vegan option). 

Eco Living is Loving!

We garden behind our studio, sharing organic produce with our team and the community.  We have fruit trees, herb, and vegetable gardens.

We utilize rainwater collection, greenhouse, compost, and try to buy local whenever possible

We also purchase wind and solar credits to offset power from Arcadia Power!

In addition, we also use recycled paper products, print as little as possible, and recycle/reuse.

Thanks for Supporting a Business that Cares!!!