We were able to honor Maria’s family by altering her Mother’s Wedding Gown for their nuptials.  Not only was the dress meaningful beyond measure, it was so very lovely with shades of blush pink and creme vintage lace.

Beyond pretty eye candy, this couple embodies the depth of what it can mean to get married today…their story of helping others through their wedding reflects heart-centered living and is truly inspiring.

   In the bride’s words:
        I was basically the anti-bride. I wanted to elope but my then-fiance now-husband convinced me otherwise. Instead of having a traditional wedding, Tim and I decided to use a portion of our budget to sponsor a child in Honduras whose birthday is our wedding anniversary.

        Enter: my mother’s timeless style and Janay’s amazing handiwork. With just a few tweaks, Janay effortlessly modernized my mom’s wedding dress into the look and feel I never knew I wanted. Working with her was an absolute dream.
         As it turns out, wearing my mother’s dress was one of the most special aspects of the experience. There’s a beautiful photo of my grandmother, who recently passed away, helping my mom fix her train. Now we have a photo of my mom helping me into that same dress on my own wedding day. And who knows — maybe someday there will be a photo of me zipping it onto the next generation.


Maria + Tim Wedding Kiss FrontMaria + Tim Wedding Vintage Lace Dress FrontMaria + Tim Wedding Janay A Dress Back in orchardPHOTOGRAPHER: Simply Photo (Chris Warkocki)

VENUE: Galena Cellars Vineyard